Reykjavik Food Tour

Experience the best of Reykjavik´s food culture in this
4 hour guided tour.

Reykjavik Food Tour offers exclusive food samples in the best restaurants in Reykjavík.

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Take bite out of Reykjavik

Reykjavik has become a melting pot of great restaurants and what makes them unique is their foundation – the pure Icelandic ingredients. We will take you to Nordic kitchen restaurants along with multicultural ones. While we taste delicious samples we hear the stories behind the ingredients and the cooking.

Chef Ingo at Kolabrautin

Fresh food from the ocean

Drinks at Kolabrautin

Taste some great wines

Guide talking

Great stories mixed with great food

Since we only take maximum 12 people on in each tour then everyone should have plenty of time to ask questions, relax and have an exclusive experience.

If you are a group of 4+ persons or more then we can setup a private tour at your own convenience (Starting price for a private tour is 4 * regular price). For further info email us at

We keep the the identity which places will be visited a secret and then one by one they are revealed. We think it is more exciting like that, so you never know where you are going next but we will give you the hard facts.

Hard Facts

The Hard Facts

Duration:Approximately 4 hours (depends on group pace)
Walking distance:3 ½ km (2,2 miles) – casual pace.
Capacity:4-12 people per tour.
Meeting Place:Hallgrimskirkja Church Entrance
End of Tour:By the old harbour
Ticket price:18.900 ISK
Min. ParticipantsMinimum of 4 participants is needed to for the tour, if less than 4 the tour can be canceled and you will be refunded the same day

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The restaurants

Reykjavik Food Tour invites you to experience the most popular and best food available today.

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