The Icelandic Pantry is a quirky cheese shop in Reykjavík offering the best in gloriously stinky cheeses from around the globe together with a selection of jams, cured meats, olives, chutneys and other nibbles and noshes that make life worth living.

Micro bar

Iceland’s newest microbrewery bar, this funky city bolthole supports small brewers from all over Iceland and beyond.

With mountainous wall murals by the native cartoonist Hugleikur Dagsson, it’s a sweet space to pull up a stool and try anything from a local Kaldi draft to a Tactical Nuclear Penguin from Scotland.


Kolabrautin, the latest addition to Reykjavik´s burgeoning food scene. At Kolabrautin you´ll find traditional, regionally sourced ingredients, prepared with influence from modern Italy. Through thousands of years the Italians have mastered the culinary art of making fresh produce shine through simple and unpretentious cooking, enhancing its quality, taste and characteristics. Kolabrautin seeks inspiration in that love of freshness and respect for food, whether it be a simply beautiful carrot straight from the soil or a magnificent halibut caught earlier today


What makes Kopar special are the exciting ingredients and the variety of dishes. On the menu, new and old methods and recipes meet, traditional ingredients and surprising ones. Kopar is for example the first restaurant in Reykjavík to serve Icelandic rock crab. Kopar’s brasserie-dishes give our guests the opportunity to explore the world of food in one night for a reasonable price. The brasserie-dishes are small dishes that are a delicious add-on to traditional courses.